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When they witnessed love:

There came a pretty moment when they noticed they were in love. They decided to pursue knowing it would be very difficult. Her parents came to know immediately and her dad wasn’t really happy about it. He was skeptical but fortunately, her grandparents were supportive from the beginning, and her mom too. But for her dad it took few years and few meetings with Frederic to say yes. Obviously Fred’s impressive behavior and Kanmani’s persistence won at some point. Story isn’t over yet. Their wedding comprise the most fascinating moments.

Best candid wedding photographers Bangalore Karnataka ? Yeah its us!

On September 2015, after a meeting with his family in France, her parents wanted them to get married the following year. Fred and Kanmani wanted 2 weddings to celebrate both the cultures and respect both the religions. They first got married in France in June 2016 followed by the Indian Wedding On July 2016. Kanmani’s mother in law and sister in law took care of most of the things and they were travelling between France and India to prepare the things. In between Kanmani wanted to choose the best  candid wedding photographers in Bangalore Karnataka. Unquestionably its us!

Facinating Wedding Moments and Focuz Studios

Fred and Kanmani fell in love with the place in Bangalore with its minimalistic and natural landscape and chose the place. Her parents wanted the people from France to experience the Indian culture and they were all excited about it, being the first marriage in the family. Yo, we had some interesting people to join with us and we clicked some interesting shots. There were around 30 people from France to attend the wedding. They had a four day wedding followed by a ten days Indian trip, with mehendi and sangeeth on day 1 at their factory, and reception followed by their wedding, and an informal cocktail party on the last day. The wedding was at Panchavati The Pavilion which added more beauty. Fred wanted to ride an elephant but she told him to settle for a horse for the baraat, with her dad riding it. For the wedding, all the ladies were excited to wear a saree, and the men wore dhoti. Wouldn’t be more fun and lovely to see French people in traditional Indian clothe? It was fun and interesting for us to shoot them too.

France bump into Indian rituals

Everyone was really impressed with the rituals, the traditional music, decoration, and they enjoyed eating the traditional leaf breakfast and lunch for the wedding. They all definitely think both the weddings were an once in a lifetime experience. And it is a value for us to be the best candid wedding photographers Bangalore Karnataka.

Picture says it all. Have a look and wish them love and luck in the comments below!

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