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Couple Shoot in Chennai Iconic Places

Deepika and Vijay originally hail from Tamil Nadu,India. Being raised in a Tam-Brahm family they had many rituals in their wedding ceremony. Nevertheless, they never ran out of energy. It’s an unique couple shoot in our history. We, as a wedding photographer always had a thirst to take shots in a creative zone in spite of the typical shots we often click. And this couple gifted us that opportunity to make it during their pre-wedding couple shoot. Deepika and Vijay seemed extremely relaxed and carefree in spite of the hustle and bustle they're facing lately. The flavor and the theme they chose was brilliant as when they shared us. We helped them sort their thoughts out before snapping their pictures.

Apart from the prominent places of the city, they chose few specific places that includes fish market for they decided to explore the places they haven’t been. Since these spots weren’t pre planned we readily welcomed the challenges. More than posing the pictures, the couple got lost in the ocean of joy. The shots at the Napier bridge revealed the shades of a romantic bliss. As this couple shoot happened in the city of chennai, they couldn’t miss the Marina beach. The shots in the seashore and lighthouse added elegant memories to their album. The fun they had from the splashing waves was pretty cute to watch. The boats on the seashore stimulated an idea in us. We snapped the pictures right away utilising them as backdrop. The more enthusiastic they're the more engaged we were.

Pattinapakkam fish market sounded like a cherry on the cake to us. Being a Brahmin they were never exposed to fish markets. This turned them extremely active as when we reached the spot. Vijay grabbed the fish in a way so Deepika could play with it. This was a spunky moment for them and we captured it right away. We're still wondering how they relished throughout the session without expressing any disgust feeling being a Brahmin.

The insanity helped us to capture many crazy pictures where the bride mimicked the costume of rickshaw wala, auto driver and a barber. In turn, Vijay mimicked a rigorous bargaining man for a ride in the auto. These moments are still fresh in our memories. They got into a public bus for a brief ride and we didn't miss the chance of retaking the Kamal Hassan's Valaiyosai Song. But this time, it’s the real couple who took the lead roles. Before boarding the train the couple took few rides in the bicycle and bike and these made us to document the couple shoot effectively. The shot we took at the broken bridge in adyar where the couple under a single parasol whispering in their ears sounded like recalling their promises they exchanged a couple of days back on their wedding. This lovely couple gifted us a dozen of “couple photo-shoot” ideas.

All in all, it’s a bunch of peerless and delightful experience where we photographers enjoyed this unique pre wedding couple shoot, as the couple presented us in a tireless way. The couple's slightest emotions were precisely documented for them, to treasure their moments every time they flip through their memory album. Browse the page more and dive into our spectacular shots. Do leave comments about your views on this article and the pictures clicked.

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