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The Perfect Pack for your Wedding that Includes

marriage photography chennai

Our head photographer plays a role as a “director” in your wedding. With years of experience and training in journalistic photography, that leads you to say WOW.


​Our photographers have the passion and vision to capture your priceless moments in your style as an artistic photography...

“Technical Ethic”

​We have a key skill that brings to deliver great photography without losing Shadows, over light, fogy, misty and poor light conditions, at any cost even at worst environment conditions. We always use more sensitivity lenses for low light conditions and we always used to shoot in daylight to tell you the natural real story of your love...

The director always follow the schedule as we planned, we are sure that you and your loved one will enjoy the wedding without any photographer’s disturbance, because we won’t tell you to look at camera often.

Wedding Film | Wedding Cinematography | Wedding Highlights | Wedding Trailer

marriage photography chennai

Wedding Film - Art of Documenting a Wedding in an Artistic way 

We understand you; Here we offer you short and sweet 5 Minute – 7 Minute HD-1080p / 720p Video, which Includes all the wedding event from the beginning to end of your wedding, we collect the best and important moments at your wedding as they unfolds with your favorite track. We are sure that you will watch this again and again.

Pre / Post - Wedding Couple Portraits - Couple Photo Shoot

Perfect posed portrait always won’t help us to show your love, actually your togetherness will give us wonderful enjoyable photography which you ever seen before, yes we will show you in another dimension, we always believe candid photography / natural photography. Our lead photographers are very strong on it. We are sure that you will have lots of fun filled candid couple photo session.

We will get you in your favorite place or place of beauty in your city, or coffee day, walking on road, get something for your loved one from any shop, you do what ever you want, our artistic cameras work in background. We have exclusive location to meet your taste in the city, or else location choice is yours, if your choice is better then us. The candid photo shoot photographer will be sociable, with you to blend well with both of you.

marriage photography chennai
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